Work-Life Balance

We all think of having a life where we are achieving the career goals without losing the inner peace and maintaining the balance of success and pleasure. This, the notion of perfectly emphasizing work or academic activities and the personal life which may include an individual’s passion, hobbies, health, relationships, etc. The term ‘Work-Life Balance’ was first used in The Great Britain in late 1970s to describe the balance between one’s work and personal life. It was widely accepted and got popular later on.
Mental stability or mental health can be disturbed by various reasons and one of these reasons happens to be the work stress. Work stress occurs when one loses the ‘Work-Life Balance’. The hard working people get appreciated and hence many of the employees end up putting their personal life away to achieve success. On the other hand, the ones who forget the work in order to enjoy personal life do not focus on career and fail to achieve success. In both the faces, individuals lose the ‘Work-Life Balance’ and fail to achieve the career goals or lose one’s personal life i.e. inner peace, relationships or the content of life. This is why we all should try and maintain the ‘Work-Life Balance’. Here are some tips:
• Physical health: In the busy routine of office hours, it is not possible for everyone to steal some time every day for exercise but one can try to manage working out three times a week. There are some good alternatives for the workout such as practising Yoga, cardio, bicycle riding, swimming, running etc.
• Mental health: Just like the entire body, our mind needs exercise and rest too. One can try a getaway and experience some peace as well as the chaos of the mind. While reading books, working on strengths and weaknesses and experimenting new things in life would do great. Expressing gratitude and love is a great way too.
• Avoid: One should avoid time wasting activities and time wasting people; it will save a lot of time which can be utilized for something worthy and productive.
• Lifestyle: We all have some habits; good and bad. Trying to change some things as per the need is a good option. And it is always good to maintain a time table so that you can achieve the ‘balance’.

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