to choose a coworking space

We all like to work in a place which provides to all of our requirements; don’t we? So, as a startup owner or an individual, how to choose a coworking space? You need to be smart while choosing your coworking space as it is going to be your workplace for certain time period and if the workplace is good; your work will turn out to be very productive.

• Location: If the office is far away, you will spend a lot of time and energy on travelling; and if it’s nearer, you can spend the saved time on working or analyzing your own work.
• The Environment: A decent light with nice coloured walls and few attractions to look at can be a peaceful and ultimately fruitful brain. So look around in the place before you pay.
• Internet connection: A fast and stable internet connection is what we all look for; check the internet connection and its stability. One wouldn’t like if mailbox requires a couple of minutes to load.
• Facilities: It’ll be perfect while you print your documents in the workplace itself while having a cup of coffee. Many coworking spaces lack documentation centres, cafeterias and even conference rooms. If one has got it all, you are good to go.
• Access: The coworking space is not truly yours if it closes in the evening. Check the time and plan your days accordingly or find a place which is open 24/7.
• Security: Security measures of a coworking space are important as you will be leaving all of your work there itself. Check the security and then select the place.
• Hidden costs: No one likes to be fooled under the name of hidden costs or T&C*. Be direct and ask about the hidden costs for the facilities like a pantry, meeting room, etc.

These are just physical aspects, if you are going to work at some place, you need to connect to yourself and that connection is very important. Few things I believe should be checked on before choosing a coworking space are here; you might have some others on the list. Share with us in the comments.

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