Social Media

The most darling child of the internet is ‘Social Media’ which comes with numerous definitions. Social media are Internet-based services which let you share digital information in several formats and with all or selective users. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the leading social media websites. It is more about psychology and sociology than about technology!
We may classify ourselves as introverts and extroverts but sharing is a human tendency. How one feels or one’s opinion on particular happening, they feel good sharing it and social media is all about sharing. We can share our photographs, videos, blogs, music, reviews, check-ins and the list doesn’t end. Social media brings the world together and gives us the ultimate ability to communicate with others and this makes it a success as we all at a point love to communicate with others. There rarely would be a youngster or a teenager who isn’t using any of the social media apps/websites. This media base is highly beneficial for business if one uses it wisely. Marketing at this moment is all about the stories we tell and not what we make. All the huge brands are using social media to connect with masses, give the information easily to more people and receive the feedbacks instantly. And for this reason, 91 percent of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels.

2.8 billion of total population (7.4 billion) uses social media and that’s about 38%! We are in an era where doing social media is not a choice so we are required to think on how good we can use it. Here are some more interesting facts:
• Internet users at an average have 5.5 social media accounts.
• Every second 12 new active mobile social users are added, it’d be 1 million each day.
• WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger operate 60 billion messages daily.
• Facebook has around 81 million fake profiles.
• 65.8% of USA companies use Twitter for marketing.
• YouTube comes in 76 languages.
• 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35.
• Around 3 million businesses use LinkedIn.
Social media has two faces like any other phenomenon; white and grey. It depends on the user whether to use it smartly or the other way. And in this world crowded of social media, offline is a new luxury.

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