Is coworking the next big thing?

Coworking is a pattern of working where people from different organizations and fields get in a single workplace or an office and work together and perform various activities. The startups who don’t want the troubles of making a lease contract or people travelling to the town for few days enjoy the services of this concept. Freelancers and people working from home are targeted clients of coworking spaces. Basically, it is a concept of renting desks, cubicles, etc. to people and providing them facilities like any office i.e. an internet connection, cafeteria, meeting rooms, projection screen, et al.

Coworking is not a very recent concept; C-base from Berlin which attracted hackers and is called a hacker space is said to be the first coworking space which began operating in 1995. After which many coworking spaces opened in San Francisco, Marseilles, etc. Coworking seemed something weird in the beginning and the reasoning thought of owning an entire office instead of a desk was pretty obvious. But time is the only change and the same thing happened with coworking spaces; they were accepted and preferred after which it became a recommendation.

Entrepreneurs should utilize a good coworking space until they get successful enough to have their own space. Here are some reasons for opting a coworking space:

  • Being a startup, you need to be consistent and also require a constant working place so that you can conquer the problems and fluctuations.
  • It is a place where you meet people from numerous industries. And so you get a chance to share the ideas and rid off all the misconceptions regarding the respective field.
  • Many coworking spaces offer a variety of interactive events where we get to interact with the experts, entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • A good coworking space will offer you many things for free like internet connection, post box, library, printers, etc.
  • Coworking spaces are usually located near business centres. This will help you attend the seminars, meetings without spending much time.

The best thing is coworking spaces give an exposure to your business and you can even have fun making new friends and worrying less about a workplace. If these points are relatable and you find it good, you should book a desk in a good coworking space because coworking has already become the big thing.

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