When at work, one has to go through the employees or colleagues, emails, phone calls, clients, calendar and many other things while working. In this process, it is pretty natural if one loses the focus and is not able to use the brain with full productivity unless one understands the strengths and the weaknesses of own brain and work in accordance with them. Spelling things wrong, missing subtle cues are not much of the good signals. The brain is alarmed by the distractions and it reacts to them providing a lot of focus on useless things. Constant focus cannot be expected but even some time with deep focus can produce a great output.

Tips for focus:

  • Creativity prioritized:

Normally, people take the mindless task first and mostly it is the one which requires the least creativity and this results in a tired brain. Whatever we do, it needs energy and while on such tasks, the brain is completely drained out and it loses the very important focus.

For a better focus, schedule the day the other way round i.e. begin your day with the tasks that need some creativity and then go ahead for the easy tasks later on.

  • Time allocation:

Without allocating appropriate time, one cannot easily achieve all the desired output and so it becomes important to allocate the best time for the most important task.

Studies have proved that nine out of every ten people do their best outside the office and the best time for focus is in the morning and late in the night. One person has that best focus for only an hour a day. We need to find that hour and then allocate the task which requires the focus in it.

  • Training:

Multitasking is something all people want to do and we actually do it knowingly or unknowingly. Unfortunately, multitasking makes distraction a habit to your brain by decreasing the capabilities to focus. And unwittingly we all are training our brains to be unfocused.

Keeping away all other tasks, switching off the distractions and attending one task is a way to practice concentration and this surely helps to increase the focus.

We all deserve a focused brain but we just do not try enough to it. There is a lot we can achieve with a good focused brain and so we should invest some time training the brain for a better focus.


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