“What is coworking?” a frequent question nowadays. The characteristics of coworking could be found in the history of hundreds of years where people (writers, artists, etc.) used to share the place and work together which helped them as they could get instant feedbacks from other artists, learn new things and share ideas with the experts. The credits for starting this style of working are given to ‘Brad Neuberg’ who invented the word ‘coworking’ (without a hyphen) and in 2005 in San Francisco placed an idea of working in the same place like an office does but working on individual tasks (freelancers and working from home).  This actually was a beginning of an era of a brave new world of working!

Coworking is a work pattern where people from various fields get together for work and work on individual tasks but in the same workplace. Now the people coming here could be individuals, freelancers, employees of some organization or even complete offices (mostly start-ups). Here the people working are paying to the coworking space which in return is offering them a desk or a cubicle, the internet, post box and other things that are expected in an office; in addition to the good, you only have to pay once for the basic things such as rent, power bill, broadband bill, taxes, etc., where on the other hand if you get a commercial place, you will have to pay for all those things differently.

Benefits of coworking spaces:

  • Coworking spaces provide you with a post box i.e. an official postal address which you cannot have while working from home.
  • Meetings rooms are available in coworking spaces which help you set client meetings and even video conferences.
  • Many of the coworking spaces have a cafeteria built inside; it saves the time one might waste rushing to the restaurants or having coffee breaks.
  • Coworking spaces sometimes have additional facilities like documentation centre and video conferences along with projection screens.
  • Coworking makes you invest your time on what is important i.e. your work and it saves the time one might waste while paying rents and different bills.
  • One gets chances to meet people in different industries and therefore can make new contacts and spend time sharing some great ideas with people.

Coworking has helped several startups to rise and serves many of the freelancers also. It surely is a great idea where we can grow in all the aspects.

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