to choose a coworking space

We all like to work in a place which provides to all of our requirements; don’t we? So, as a startup owner or an individual, how to choose a coworking space? You need to be smart while choosing your coworking space as it is going to be your workplace for […]


You are all living lives full of screens, conferences, emails, amusements and parties; the stress from your corporate life and personal relations is gradually ravaging the peace of mind and happiness. Stress if limited is good for productivity but controlling the stress level is very important for a healthy life […]

Indian StartUps

A startup is any company in the initial stage of operations and such companies are mostly funded by their founders only. India has a great history of business, let it be trading spices, coffee or even precious diamonds. And India comes third in the world when we talk about the […]

Social Media

The most darling child of the internet is ‘Social Media’ which comes with numerous definitions. Social media are Internet-based services which let you share digital information in several formats and with all or selective users. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the leading social media websites. It […]


“What is coworking?” a frequent question nowadays. The characteristics of coworking could be found in the history of hundreds of years where people (writers, artists, etc.) used to share the place and work together which helped them as they could get instant feedbacks from other artists, learn new things and […]


When at work, one has to go through the employees or colleagues, emails, phone calls, clients, calendar and many other things while working. In this process, it is pretty natural if one loses the focus and is not able to use the brain with full productivity unless one understands the […]

Is coworking the next big thing?

Coworking is a pattern of working where people from different organizations and fields get in a single workplace or an office and work together and perform various activities. The startups who don’t want the troubles of making a lease contract or people travelling to the town for few days enjoy […]

Things to consider before starting a startup

It is the age where there is an entrepreneur or a leader hidden in many people among us that are seeking an opportunity for their own startup. Youngsters are loaded with ideas and they lack the energy nowhere. The smart generation is qualified and ready for all the risks but […]

Work-Life Balance

We all think of having a life where we are achieving the career goals without losing the inner peace and maintaining the balance of success and pleasure. This, the notion of perfectly emphasizing work or academic activities and the personal life which may include an individual’s passion, hobbies, health, relationships, […]

Trend of Share

A sharing economy is a phenomenon where people share their assets for money. It is like a person will provide goods or services for a short or long period and will get money in return from another person. It comes in use when the person providing assets is not using […]