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Work-Life Balance

We all think of having a life where we are achieving the career goals without losing the inner peace and maintaining the balance of success and pleasure. This, the notion of perfectly emphasizing work or academic activities and the personal life which may include an individual’s passion, hobbies, health, relationships, […]

Trend of Share

A sharing economy is a phenomenon where people share their assets for money. It is like a person will provide goods or services for a short or long period and will get money in return from another person. It comes in use when the person providing assets is not using […]

Dhairya Badiyani

I visited this place along with my business partner, who often sits here to work. First thing i noticed was super modern interiors (power socket on the sofa WOW! – unlike any other place). Everything in this place is perfectly designed for an individual to work peacefully. I liked the […]

Suyog Raut

I have been a member with thinkspacenetwork for couple of months now.. My day one was never felt like I was there for the first time with my team. We are a startup in IT sector and all we need is good Internet, late working hours and creative working environment. […]

Khushbu Desai

A great co-working space for those who prefer to work in a peaceful environment that ensures ample of personal space yet provides numerous opportunities to interact and collaborate with professionals.

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We think, therefore we are…